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Recycle right with us

With household recycling picking up momentum in Singapore, SembWaste is doing its part to raise awareness and encourage more households to start recycling right.

Ready to do your part from your home? Here are the top three tips for home recycling:

Recycle right, not everything is recyclable
Focus on paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers, glass jars and bottles, aluminum cans, foil and metal tins.

Pack your recyclables using reusable bags
Empty your recyclables into the blue bins and re-use the bags.

Donate your old clothes, shoes and toys
These items are not recyclable. If they cannot be donated, put them in the waste bin.

For more tips on how to recycle right, please visit

4 easy ways to start recycling in your household

1. Direct drop into the blue bins

Look out for the blue recycling bins located around your neighbourhood and drop your recyclables in there. Click here to learn more about type of recyclables and how to prepare the items for onward recycling.

SembWaste provides the blue bins for the sectors we serve and our recyclables collection crew picks up the recyclables and sends them to our own materials recovery facility in Tuas for sorting and onward recycling. For more information on this process, read here.

Recycling and Cash-for-Trash

2. Use the ezi recycling app

ezi, our recycling-made-easy mobile application provides a convenient way of recycling at home. With ezi, you can now:

Recycling and Cash-for-Trash

Book a doorstep collection via the app if you live within the sectors we operate in

Recycling and Cash-for-Trash

Pick up tips on how to recycle right

Recycling and Cash-for-Trash

Download our ezi mobile app to learn more

You can easily recognise our ezi crew by their ezi uniforms,
collection wagons and vehicles.

3. Look out for our doorstep collection flyers

If you live within the sectors we serve, look out for our doorstep collection flyers. Follow the instructions to be part of our recyclables donation programme. We thank you for doing your part to build a sustainable future.

4. Recycle at the Cash-for-Trash stations

You can also bring your recyclables to the Cash-for-Trash stations in your neighbourhood. Click here to view the locations and schedules of our various CFT collection drives in Singapore.

To learn more about how you can use our ezi mobile app at our Cash-for-Trash stations, visit our ezi website here.

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

If you are planning a mass recyclables collection drive and require support from ezi, contact us at [email protected].

Building a community of recycling advocates

Everyone has a role to play in recycling right. And we can each do our part to create a sustainable environment for our future generations. We can achieve more if we work together to move Singapore towards a zero waste nation.

SembWaste is doing its part to educate the public on how to recycle right, and we will continue to work on making it easy for communities to start – and to continue – recycling right.

Partnering with schools

We have been running the SembWaste Go Green programme in primary, secondary and tertiary schools within the sectors we cover since 2011 and we shall continue working with educators to inculcate good recycling habits among students. Our educational outreach has extended to groups beyond schools and we will continue to help raise awareness of the importance of recycling right and to incentivise communities to take action.

Contact us if you have an idea on how ezi can partner you to build a localised recycling community.

View the highlights from our recent school visit to Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse in support of their Recycling Drive activity:


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