Singapore, October 10, 2000 – SembCorp Industries’ waste management unit SembCorp SITA, a joint venture company of SembCorp Waste Management and SITA, waste services business of the Suez Lyonnaise des EauxGroup, has brought medical waste collection and disposal operations and services online at

This medical wastee-business at is the first medical waste management application service provider in Singapore and the Asia Pacific, and probably the world’s first as well.

The e-medical wastemanagement system offers the industry a full spectrum of medical waste management services covering:

  1. Contract management
  2. Request for pick-up of medical waste
  3. Request for products replenishment
  4. Tracking of consignment, collection and disposal
  5. Tracking of invoices and payment

Industry players in the waste management business – the services provider, customers and regulators –would benefit from medical waste management going online.

The system can generate considerable cost savings to users of such services – hospitals, medical,dental and chemotherapy clinics, blood transfusion and dialysis centres, medical schools and laboratories, as well as pharmacies.

Users are able to increase their efficiency levels, typically by up to 20 per cent, as a result of the reduction of onerous administrative tasks. They can also access online information on products and services, request pick- up and replenishment services, and update or renew their contractsinstantly.

The system also enables the regulator, the Ministry of Environment (ENV) to retrieve consignment notes,view collection status and track the transportation and disposal of pathogenic waste at any time. With this online system, ENV has agreed that there is no need to submit hard copies ofconsignment notes on the collection and disposal of pathogenic waste from hospitals.

At the provider end, SembCorp SITA is able to shorten its turnaround service time from four or five days of billing to four or five hours.

About 10 clients of SembCorp SITA participated in the pilot programme. SembCorp SITA is targeting to have all its clients logged into its online medical waste management application by end-2000.

About is anelectronic waste management services provider, offering customers the ability to interact and access services on the internet.

Its mission is to become the leading provider of waste management services for all business-to-consumer(B2C) as well as business-to-business (B2B) transactions within the waste management industry.

The business model of gowaste centres on the core competence of SembCorp Waste Management and SITA in the waste collection, transportation and disposal businesses.

Four segments of the waste management business, namely medical, industrial and commercial, municipal andhazardous waste management, will leverage on this IT platform to facilitate B2Cand B2B transactions.

Gowaste will act as anextranet to carry out B2B transactions involving multiple parties such assupply chain management companies and application service providers, and B2Ctransactions and processes that include contract management, tracking, billing,information inquiries and customer self-services.

Medical waste management at SembCorp SITA
The SembCorp SITA group owns and operates two medical waste incineration facilities with operating capacities of two tonnes and six tonnes a day.

These medical waste incinerators degrade and reduce biohazardous, cytotoxic, radioactive and pharmaceutical waste to small amounts of ash. They ensure a complete destruction of micro-organisms at temperatures exceeding 1000 degree Celsius.

The SembCorp SITA group is the first company in Singapore to install and operate such incineration facility. It has been serving some 980 clients, including government and private hospitals and clinics, since 1989.

The company plans to build a new medical waste incineration facility with an operating capacity of 10 tonnes per day which will be ready in a year’s time.

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