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We are collaborating with our customer to reduce water consumption intensity by 15% by 2025, using data from 2015 as the performance baseline. This multi-year project is an ongoing work-in-progress.

Case Study 3

Challenges faced by the customer

To minimise the use of fresh water from PUB

Solutions powered by Sembcorp’s in-house capabilities in process design and R&D

We performed a water audit to estimate the water usage on site to determine the possible sustainability solutions.

The team put in place technologies such as the Rainwater Harvesting System (RWH) which covers roof and ground surface run-off that include Slim Tank, Cartridge Filters, Ultrafiltration (UF) and Collection Tank. The effluent water from the RWH can be used for non-potable usage such as toilets flushing, firewater system, cooling tower system, general and aircraft washing.

Targeted results

40% of water savings through Rainwater Harvesting System