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We are collaborating with this customer to minimise the quantity of wastewater discharge and recycle its treated wastewater for non-potable use within its facilities by 2030. This multi-year project is currently ongoing.

Challenges faced by the customer

Challenges faced by the customer:

Achieving the company’s sustainability goal of minimising the quantity of wastewater discharge by treating 100% of its wastewater, and recycling 50% of the treated wastewater for non-potable use within its facilities by 2030

Lowering operational costs for the existing facilities

Meeting stringent water regulatory requirements and compliance

Solutions powered by Sembcorp’s in-house capabilities in process design and R&D

We conducted a comprehensive water treatability study to develop a Build-Own-Operate / Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOO/BOOT) solution that meets stringent regulatory requirements and minimises the volume of wastewater discharge.

The proposed technology system includes the integration of physical, chemical and biological treatment processes such as Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF), Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), Anaerobic Reactor and Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems together with its energy recovery units.

Targeted results

Case Study 1

Attain the sustainability goal of reducing wastewater discharge by more than 50%

Case Study 1

Lower operational cost for the existing facilities by reducing volume of water drawn from PUB

Case Study 1

Meet regulatory and compliance requirements for wastewater discharge