Bringing Wastewater Recycling Solutions to You

With our extensive experience reclaiming water in our NEWater plant, we are able to bring wastewater treatment and water reclamation facilities to you. Accompanying our specialised wastewater treatment capabilities are our team of experts who will design an optimal on-site wastewater recycling plant for you.

We bring you cost-effective solutions to achieve your sustainability goals.

Innovative Solutions

Decentralised Wastewater Recycling

Based on Sembcorp’s strong track record

Sembcorp’s experience in designing, building, owning and operating water and wastewater treatment plants enables us to select suitable wastewater recycling solutions for customers

Supported by continuous innovation

Digitalisation allows our wastewater recycling plant to be remotely monitored; and regular technology scanning ensures our plant is kept up to date with cutting-edge technology

Provide low-risk, affordable and sustainable solutions

Industrial-standard solutions requiring minimal chemical and energy consumption that offer proven commercial benefits

Designing a system to meet your water needs

Sembcorp’s team of dedicated professionals will work with you throughout the entire project life cycle, from desktop evaluation to operations and maintenance. Leveraging on water treatability studies combined with the collective expertise of our Technology and Innovation Team, we will design an optimal on-site wastewater recycling plant for you.

The wastewater recycling system will be developed based on a build-own-operate (BOO) model. We bear all capital and operating expenses, which means that no initial investment is required on your part. You only pay for the volume of the recycled water at a rate that is competitive to your current water price. With Sembcorp as your sustainability partner, you can focus on driving your core business while we work on your sustainability targets.


Our team of experts will conduct a desktop evaluation on our customer’s feed stream as well as to understand their recycled water requirements.

Typical effluent parameters that we evaluate are:

  • Flowrate
  • TDS
  • pH
  • TSS
  • COD
  • BOD
  • O&G

We will conduct a feasibility screening to validate the process of water recovery and the quality of the recycled water.

Once our screening is validated, we will produce for our customer, a detailed technical and commercial proposal with economically viable and innovative technology developed in SWING.

Customer signs a contract with Sembcorp to purchase recycled wastewater at competitive prices.


Sembcorp designs and builds a wastewater recycling plant on our customer’s site within the agreed time frame.

Construction usually takes no more than 6 months.

and Start-up

The project is completed and the process of wastewater recycling starts.

Customer gets to benefit from a bespoke recycling water plant that is continually updated with the latest technology.

and Maintenance

Sembcorp’s team of experts conducts round-the-clock monitoring so that our customer can focus on their core business.

With Virtual BrainTM Water, our proprietary intelligent operations management system, we can make accurate recommendations for predictive maintenance, allowing your plant to operate optimally.

How decentralised wastewater recycling works

Decentralised Wastewater Recycling


Company, factory or industrial site generates industrial wastewater from their business operations


Industrial wastewater is channeled to their wastewater treatment plant for treatment before it is discharged into the sewers


The treated effluent is discharged into sewers


With a decentralised wastewater recycling plant on site, industrial wastewater is diverted for treatment and recycled to reusable quality water (eg. NEWater)


The recycled water is used by various processes such as manufacturing or cooling

Backed by strong technology and innovation capabilities

Sembcorp’s proprietary intelligent operations management system that digitally manages industrial wastewater treatment processes.

Remotely monitors plant performance, capture signs of inefficiencies for early rectification, and ensures the integrity of the water and wastewater treatment plants that it is implemented in.

Aids water and wastewater treatment plant optimisation such as process monitoring, process optimisation and operation cost optimisation.

Technology database platform that does scanning of the latest water and wastewater treatment technologies and processes.

Helps with selection of the best available technology for water and wastewater treatment. Supports the plant with continuous innovation and upgrades.

Treatment of high concentration ammonia, recalcitrant organics and persistent pollutants in municipal and industrial wastewater.

Water filtration process in which water is filtered through a low-pressure membrane.
Removes virus, bacteria, suspended solids, and high molecular compounds from the water.

Water filtration process in which water is filtered through a high-pressure membrane.
Removes up to 99% of all organic and inorganic constituents, including nitrates, heavy metals, organics, radio nuclides (barium, strontium, cesium).

Key benefits of our decentralised wastewater treatment solutions

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Zero Capex, Zero O&M Risks

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Expertise with wide range of technology

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Backed by strong track record

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Round-the-clock monitoring with Virtual Brain™ Water

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Supported by continuous innovation

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Good for the business, good for the environment

Case studies

Decentralised Wastewater Recycling
One of Asia’s top providers of food solutions and logistics services

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Decentralised Wastewater Recycling
One of Asia’s largest nutritional healthcare companies that produces high-quality medical devices and pharmaceutical products

We are working with our customer to achieve their sustainability goals with our integrated sustainability solutions. This multi-year project is an ongoing work-in-progress.

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Decentralised Wastewater Recycling
Water audit for a global semiconductors manufacturer in Singapore

As one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers headquartered in Singapore, our customer requires large quantities of water with a very high level of purity for their manufacturing processes.

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