Sustainable water use with alternative water solutions​

We help you meet your sustainability targets with our water solutions. You can achieve greater operational efficiency and enjoy higher cost savings by tapping on alternative sources of water.​
Our solutions enable you to reduce your potable water usage and bring flexibility into your operations in these ways:​

Water Recycling System (WRS)

  • Condensate
  • Gray water
  • Treated high quality industrial wastewater effluent

Rainwater Harvesting​

  • Rainwater from rooftop​
  • Rainwater from surface run-off​

Our team is also able to customise various types of technology to produce different water grades for re-use.​

Integrated sustainable water solutions​


  1. Cooling Tower and Condensate Recycling
  2. Greywater Collection and Treatment
  3. Innovation and Technology
  4. Rainwater and Stormwater Harvesting
  5. Seawater Desalination
  6. Services
  7. Toxic Industrial Waste Management
  8. Used Water Recycling
  9. Wastewater Treatment

Potential operational uses for alternatively-sourced water

Use alternative water sources that are sustainable to offset the demand for freshwater.
You can contribute towards water resilience by using alternatively-sourced water for these purposes:

Non-potable usage

Alternative Water Solutions

General washing

Alternative Water Solutions


Alternative Water Solutions

Cooling tower
make-up water

Alternative Water Solutions


Alternative Water Solutions

Toilet flushing water

Case study

Alternative Water Solutions

One of the global technology and engineering solutions providers

We are collaborating with our customer to reduce water consumption intensity by 15% by 2025, using data from 2015 as the performance baseline. This multi-year project is an ongoing work-in-progress.

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Alternative Water Solutions