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Professional and efficient solid waste collection for your business

You need a waste management provider who understands your business needs.​

We serve companies of different sizes from all industries across Singapore so we will be able to offer you tailored solid waste management services that best fit your needs.

We currently serve over 5,000 industrial and commercial customers islandwide which include:


Shopping malls

Healthcare providers

Government agencies

Institutes of higher learning


More than

years of experience across a range of business waste capabilities

Serving more than

industrial and commercial customers island-wide

More than

market share

We supply the following equipment to optimise the waste collection and disposal process for you:

Solid Waste Collection

Mobile and fixed storage equipment

Solid Waste Collection

Mobile garbage bins

Solid Waste Collection

Smart bins for waste and recyclables

Solid Waste Collection

Rear-end loader systems

Solid Waste Collection

Open top containers

Solid Waste Collection


To keep track of your solid waste management performance, we provide monthly reports with data collected by our smart technologies. The data enables you to understand your waste disposal behavior and frequency so that you can plan better to lower operating costs, increase recycling rates and meet your sustainability goals.

Sustainable waste management at competitive pricing – powered by smart technology

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. SembWaste taps on the Internet of Things (IoT) to offer operational efficency, competitive pricing and better service. We see technology as the pivotal lever to transform the waste industry into a vibrant, professional and sustainable sector.

With our smart sensors, dynamic analytics platform and routing and planning capabilities, we are able to:

Optimise waste collections to lower your costs and reduce carbon footprint for your business

Ensure on-time service delivery

Measure and report detailed waste and recycling generation trends at your premises

Our smart solutions include:

Solid Waste Collection

Smart Weighing Scale

Solid Waste Collection

Smart Bins

Solid Waste Collection

Smart Stationary / Mobile Compactor

Solid Waste Collection

Mini Dumpster

Solid Waste Collection

The Econic

Solid Waste Collection

Driver Fatigue Alert System

Reach out to our sales team today by filling up this contact form or call us at our SembWaste customer hotline at 1800-278-6135.

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Customised solutions to suit your needs

Sembcorp’s integrated energy and environmental solutions are customisable and scalable to meet your targets. Our integrated sustainability solutions are trusted, proven and cost-effective.​ We take care of your environmental sustainability targets so you can focus on your core business.

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