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Powering sustainable recyclables management for businesses

Our customers enjoy customised solutions for recyclables management at competitive fees.

We provide:

Recycling bins ranging in capacity from 120 litres to 660 litres

Collection of your recyclables

Sorting and processing of your recyclables at Sembcorp’s materials recovery facility and construction and demolition plant for onward recycling

To meet your operational requirements and sustainability targets, our experienced sales team begins by assessing your overall on-premise recyclables production streams before proposing customised solutions.

You can enjoy bundled savings and greater efficiencies by outsourcing both your solid waste and recyclables management needs to SembWaste.

Track your business recycling performance with ezi

Be empowered by our ezi recycling platform. Gain control and track your recycling efforts at your business premises.

With an ezi business account, you can enjoy:

  • Data-backed trends and insights into your company’s overall recycling journey
  • Full access to our comprehensive and reliable collection services, which include:
    • Doorstep collection of clean recyclables at offices, retail shops and other commercial premises
    • Accurate measurement of the amount of each material collected
    • Assurance for all items to be sent for onward recycling
    • Access to a web dashboard that tracks recycling rates of each location for each tenant, and tracks the date & time of the next collection
    • Automated reports easily generated via the ezi web application

You can have the following real-time information at your fingertips:

Tonnage reports of the individual streams of recyclables

Clean-stream recyclables collection status and schedules

Our commercial and industrial customers find our ezi platform easy to use and the data helpful for their operational reviews and annual sustainability reporting.

Recyclables Management

Download the ezi app here:

To find out more about ezi, click here.

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Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Recovering resources from waste – an important part of sustainable waste management

SembWaste believes that recovering resources from waste is a key part of sustainable waste management.

We own and operate a construction and demolition plant as well as a materials recovery facility in Singapore. These plants play a key role in the sustainable management of the waste stream by repurposing non-hazardous waste destined for landfills.

We recover waste materials for reuse through a sorting and extraction process covering municipal, industrial and commercial waste, as well as from construction and demolition waste.

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

The materials are given a second breath of life in the form of recycled resources for a wide variety of applications, such as end-user manufacturing and as feedstock for conversion into energy. For example, the wood waste collected is combusted in Sembcorp-owned boilers on Jurong Island to recover heat to generate steam for industrial processes.

We also trade and direct business deals for recycled materials and resources with commercial partners.

For more info on our waste-to-energy plants on Jurong Island, click here.

Partnering you to boost recycling momentum

We proactively form partnerships with environmentally conscious organisations to raise the recycling rate and to educate the public on how to recycle right. Our experience and expertise in solid waste management and recycling enable successful collaborations with organisations across different industries.

SembWaste is the sustainability partner powering the following ongoing recycling projects:

Recyclables Management


Recycling partner for L’OCCITANE’s Big Little Things program, for the collection of recyclable beauty empties.

Recyclables Management

Tzu Chi Foundation

Support the collection of recyclables from Tzu Chi’s 40 recycling stations islandwide

Recyclables Management


Partner Aesop in the collection of cleaned aluminum tubes, glass and plastic containers under their ‘Rinse and Return’ recycling initiative in their outlets islandwide

Recyclables Management


Assist in the collection of clean and empty glass and plastic bottles from DECORTÉ’s ION Orchard store

Recyclables Management

The Body Shop

Help with the collection of clean empty plastic bottles and tubs for The Body Shop’s in-store recycling scheme in their outlets islandwide

Recyclables Management

Capitol Optical

Manage the collection of contact lens packaging in Capitol Optical’s ‘Eye for Earth’ programme in their outlets islandwide

Recyclables Management


Recycling partner for Clarins’ Return, Recycle, Rejoice! recycling programme, as part of Clarins’ Commitment to Responsible Beauty.

We welcome your recycling partnership enquiries. Together we can do more to create a sustainable future! Contact us at 1800-278-6135.

You can also reach us via email at [email protected]


Customised solutions to suit your needs

Sembcorp’s integrated energy and environmental solutions are customisable and scalable to meet your targets. Our integrated sustainability solutions are trusted, proven and cost-effective.​ We take care of your environmental sustainability targets so you can focus on your core business.

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