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Optimising rooftop space
with solar solutions

Sembcorp Solar’s rooftop solar system allows you to make good use of your existing rooftop spaces to generate solar energy. Your business premises will be powered by green energy at competitive rates through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

By choosing us, every part of your solar journey will be taken care of by our Sembcorp Solar professionals. We bear all capital, operating and regulatory expenses as the owner and operator of the solar PV system. We also ensure that the system we install on your premises is well maintained to ensure optimal performance to support your business operations.

Key benefits of our rooftop solar solutions

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Cost Savings

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Zero OpEx and CapEx

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Strong Focus on Safety and Quality

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Swift Project Delivery within 6 Months

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Robust Performance Monitoring System

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

In-house Operations and Maintenance Team

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Seamless Switchover to Grid

About Sembcorp Solar

  • The nation’s leading solar energy provider
  • A partner of choice in your sustainability journey
  • Offers a suite of integrated solutions
  • Possesses strong track record of solar projects in Singapore
  • Focused on safety and reliability
  • Delivers projects on time

Recognising our safety practices and sustainability efforts

Contributing towards Singapore’s Green Plan

Leading solar energy provider
in Singapore

Entrusted with

Large-scale government projects

Completed rooftop solar installation projects on

C&I buildings

Contributing to

of solar generation capacity in Singapore

Avoided approximately

of CO₂ emissions per annum

Our projects

Prospaq Group Pte Ltd

Prospaq Group Pte Ltd

Location: 7 Tuas South Street, Singapore
Industry: Others
Capacity: 0.6 MWp

Completion date: 24 Feb 2021
Superpet Plastic Pte Ltd

Superpet Plastic Pte Ltd

Location: 11 Tuas Basin Link, Singapore
Industry: Manufacturing
Capacity: 0.5 MWp

Completion date: 8 Nov 2021
ST Aerospace

ST Aerospace

Location: 8 Changi North Way, Singapore
Industry: Aviation
Capacity: 2.0 MWp

Completion date: 30 Jan 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fork out any capital for the installation?

Sembcorp Solar bears all capital, operating and licensing costs for the solar installation. You are not required to bear any capital expenditure.

What is a power purchase agreement?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contract that you sign with Sembcorp Solar for the development of the rooftop solar system which produces solar energy that will be sold to you at an agreed price.

How many years do I have to commit?

A typical PPA is a long-term agreement that lasts up to 25 years, depending on the shelf-life of the rooftop solar system. We are able to customise the duration to suit your business needs.

What permits or licences do I need to apply for?

Sembcorp Solar takes care of all permit and licence applications. You are not required to submit any applications.

With rooftop solar, do I still need power from the grid?

Yes, you will need power from the grid if your consumption load is higher than the amount of solar energy generated. For example, you will need power from your grid when your rooftop solar system is not generating power at night.

How do I coordinate the amount of power I need from the grid after installing rooftop solar?

The switchover to grid is seamless and does not require manual intervention. When the solar energy generated is insufficient to supply your load, power will be drawn from the grid to supplement it.

Who owns the rooftop solar system?

Sembcorp Solar owns, operates and maintains the rooftop solar system and sells the solar power to you via the PPA. If you wish to own the rooftop solar system, we can customise an arrangement to suit your needs.

Who will be responsible for operating and maintaining the rooftop solar system?

Sembcorp Solar will be responsible for operating and maintaining the system to maximise its performance for you. This includes cleaning, checking and troubleshooting.

How do I know the amount of solar energy produced by my rooftop solar system?

Sembcorp Solar will meter, track and report the solar energy produced by your system periodically.

What if the rooftop solar system fails to produce sufficient solar energy?

Sembcorp Solar guarantees a minimum level of energy according to the rooftop solar system size. You will be compensated if the system fails to deliver the guaranteed minimum level.

Do I need to make modifications to my roof?

Modifications are not required in most cases unless otherwise ascertained. When you get in touch with us for a quote, our solar professionals will conduct an assessment for you.

Will the solar energy facility cause damage to my roof?

It is a highly unlikely scenario. Nonetheless, both parties will be protected by our respective insurance required by the PPA.

How do I know that my roof is suitable for rooftop solar?

Concrete and metal roofs with sizable unused space are likely to be suitable for rooftop solar. When you get in touch with us for a quote, our solar professionals will assist you with this assessment.

What happens if I move on from my current location?

The preferred option is to novate the Power Purchase Agreement PPA to the next owner/occupant.

How do I know that the installation will be conducted safely?

Sembcorp Solar takes pride in its focus on safety and quality. We have been recognised with BizSafe Partner and ISO45001:2018 certifications.


Customised solutions to suit your needs

Sembcorp’s rooftop solar solution is designed to be seamlessly integrated with your business. We offer customised rooftop solar solutions tailored to your business requirements, according to your business size and rooftop space. Let our solar professionals guide you through your journey towards environmental sustainability and cost savings.

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