Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Meet your clean energy targets with Singapore’s first renewable energy certificate (REC) aggregator platform

You can now transact RE100-recognised RECs on the Sembcorp REC aggregator platform to meet your green energy requirements.

We offer the highest liquidity and flexibility by combining the largest sources of RECs from multiple sources – including those from Sembcorp’s regional renewable assets – on our digital platform.

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Powering your sustainability goals

The Sembcorp REC aggregator platform helps you meet your green energy goals as well as monetise your RECs with ease, if you are a generator of renewable energy.​

Sembcorp REC Aggregator Platform

RE100-recognised RECs

Third-party validation ensures authenticity and quality

Sembcorp REC Aggregator Platform

Convenient portfolio management tool

Manage your account or view your sustainability report all in one place with our online tool

Sembcorp REC Aggregator Platform

The first REC aggregator platform in Singapore

Backed by Sembcorp’s renewable energy assets in Singapore, Southeast Asia and China

Sembcorp REC Aggregator Platform

Powered by blockchain technology

Enjoy greater security, transparency and efficiency with the latest digital enhancements

Sembcorp REC Aggregator Platform

Real-time tracking of a REC’s life cycle

From generation to retirement, stay updated on your RECs’ performance 24/7

In partnership with leading registries

You can also enjoy a seamless onboarding process with hassle-free registration and assistance. By partnering with leading registries APX-TIGRs and I-REC, Sembcorp will be the designated “Responsible Party” and handle your paperwork, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Sembcorp Energy Singapore
  • Singapore
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
Sembcorp Energy Singapore
  • China

Hear it from our customer

“In UBS’s long-term commitment to adopt a responsible and sustainable approach in doing business in the local communities, we are glad to be Sembcorp’s first renewable energy partner in the financial services industry as announced last year. Today, we are delighted to be on board with Sembcorp’s renewal energy certificates platform because we are assured of the liquidity and authenticity for RECs on their platform. Globally, UBS met our sustainability targets a year ahead of schedule with our core sustainable investments rising to USD 488 billion and cutting our carbon-related assets by more than 40%.”

Sembcorp REC Aggregator Platform

Mr August Hatecke
Country Head, UBS Singapore

Why trade your RECs with us?

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

No Minimum Amount Required
Sell any amount of excess RECs for additional credit

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Guaranteed Sale
We buy all RECs that meet our quality standards

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Easy Settlement
Offset your Sembcorp Power bills with credits earned

Why buy RECs from us?

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

High Liquidity
Aggregator platform backed by Sembcorp’s fast-growing regional renewable assets

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Flexibility in REC Allocation
Consolidate and manage RECs from different registries and geographies

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Meet Your Sustainability Needs
Achieve 100% renewable energy with a suite of solutions to meet your green goals

Backed by Sembcorp renewable assets

As a leading renewable energy generator, Sembcorp is able to offer additional stable supply of high-quality RECs and ensure high liquidity of RECs on the platform.

Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Singapore and Vietnam

A growing portfolio of grid-tied
rooftop solar energy systems

Sembcorp Energy Singapore


Wind power assets in Hebei and
Inner Mongolia

Frequently Asked Questions


A renewable energy certificate (REC) is a market-based instrument that certifies the bearer owns one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity generated from a renewable energy resource


It can be challenging to procure renewable electricity or have renewable energy assets installed at your company premises. If your company consumes non-renewable energy, you can claim to be using 100% renewable energy if you buy and retire RECs for the equivalent amount of non-renewable energy your company consumes.


We welcome customers of all sizes. Whether you are an individual consumer or a corporate, you could submit the form below and one of our teammates will get back to you.


Customised solutions to suit your needs

Sembcorp’s integrated energy and environmental solutions are customisable and scalable to meet your targets. Our integrated sustainability solutions are trusted, proven and cost-effective.​ We take care of your environmental sustainability targets so you can focus on your core business.

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