Sembcorp Energy Singapore

Delivering the right quality and capacity of process water

To help our customers manage, optimise and make the most of their water resources, Sembcorp recycles industrial wastewater through our industrial wastewater treatment plants on Jurong Island to enable our customers to reuse as much water as possible.

Sembcorp also provides other sustainable water solutions to our customers such as alternative water sourcing. For instance, our operations are capable of supplying seawater in place of NEWater as cooling water for our customers’ operations.

We offer:

Process Water

Chilled water

Process Water

Cooling water

Process Water

Demineralised water

Process Water


Process Water

High grade industrial water

Process Water

Seawater (for cooling)

Sembcorp’s sustainable total water and wastewater solutions on Jurong Island

Water sustainability requires effective and holistic management of water resources. Find out how Sembcorp integrates water supply, wastewater treatment and water reclamation into a closed loop solution to help customers enjoy cost savings and achieve their sustainability targets. Learn more

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Customised solutions to suit your needs

Sembcorp’s integrated energy and environmental solutions are customisable and scalable to meet your targets. Our integrated sustainability solutions are trusted, proven and cost-effective. We take care of your environmental sustainability targets so you can focus on your core business.

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